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Our Mission

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Payroll. People. Process.

About Red River Payroll

Red River’s vision is to give our clients more flexibility and freedom to focus on growing their business. By bringing cutting-edge technology and personalized service together, we give our clients the best experience possible. We’ve garnered relationships in the payroll and human resource industry to allow our clients access to the best available technology with the high quality service of a local business.

Red River does more than process payroll. We insulate our clients from the liability associated with payroll tax compliance and ensure their employees are paid timely and accurately. We make it easy to prioritize the needs of your employees without drawing your attention from what you do best.

We promise to continue to focus on building relationships that will benefit our clients in adding valuable services as they mature from small businesses to long-term successes. Remaining on the precipice of industry trends and adapting to legislative changes is our commitment to serving you. Our passion is your payroll.

Our Team


Tiffany Garrison-Brown

Chief Operating Officer


LaTisha O’Neal

Payroll Expert


Steve Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer


Sandy Burr

Project Manager

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