Don’t Fear Change

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In a company setting, changing one of your processes can be a nightmare. It’s one of the main reasons that business owners fail to change. There’s a fear that things won’t be different or it’ll be too hard to implement, but what if I could tell you that those fears won’t come to fruition when you switch over to Red River Payroll? Spoiler: have no fear!

It’s Not All Left to You

You know those companies/programs that promise an easy set up. So you switch from what you know and then your information doesn’t transfer, it isn’t as easy as the sales representative said, you can’t reach anyone, and you’re frustrated beyond belief. It happens so often, which is why we’re different here at Red River Payroll. We don’t just drop things in your lap to do, we take the time to walk through things with you. From the first meeting to the full implementation, we’re there for you. And you can always call us when you need help!

Say Goodbye to Being on Hold

When you call Red River Payroll, there’s a person who answers the phone. We don’t ask you to go through 10 different automated menus. Beyond that, we’re all under one roof – so we don’t have to call someone else who’s in a different location to get the information you need. You’ll be able to call your dedicated account manager to answer questions and you’re done! No more on hold headaches waiting in an imaginary line for an hour.

No One Size Fits All Solutions

Here at Red River Payroll, we understand that your business is unique. That’s why we offer comprehensive and customized solutions to fit your needs. We don’t have cookie cutter offerings that you have to pick from. We believe you should have a choice, and we’ll work with you to help determine which of our offerings would help you the most. Best of all, we’ll accompany you throughout the implementation to make sure that it goes smoothly.

We’re redefining payroll. Isn’t it time that you made the switch?

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