Full Check Printing & Reporting

For every first payroll that we run for you, we process a physical, fully-printed payroll regardless of your subsequent payroll media output option. Before the COVID pandemic of 2020, we hand-delivered this payroll to you and reviewed the reporting with you. To comply with social distancing mandates many of you opted out of this process with the same quality results.  Socially distant-compliant and masked hand-delivery of that first payroll is still available if you prefer!

Alternately, we can have your payroll sent to you via overnight USPS, FedEx, UPS, a local courier, or you can pick it up here at our local Tulsa office.

Although pricing is slightly lower for most paperless processing options, we gladly offer full-service check, voucher, and reports printing. Following are some reasons why customers like you choose the full paper option:

  • “I use both, but I like handing out physical bonus check payments to my employees.”
  • “I get confused reading report information on a monitor. I’m used to paper and marking up my reports in pen or pencil.”
  • “I use the payroll pickup time to get out of the office.”
  • “That Sandy lady at the front desk is amazing.  How is she so friendly and happy all the time?”

There are benefits to you when choosing paperless processing also. Click here for paperless processing options.