Full-Service Strategic Partnerships

Red River Payroll has secured its position at the leading edge of this industry by continually seeking out and building upon business relationships that allow us to deliver enhanced services that benefit you as you grow your business. Our strategic partnerships with industry influencers keep us in the know with regards to industry trends and legislative changes. It is what we do well!

These strategic relationships include top-rated Tulsa-area CPA firms, staffing companies, one of the top nationally-ranked processors of business and financial solutions and the leader for third-party ACH transactions.  The Red River Payroll team has demonstrated performance excellence in the payroll processing industry and brings its experience with larger company efficiencies to you with a Tulsa-style small business personal level of service.

This combination of strategic relationships and in-house expertise is passed on to you as demonstrated by the efficiencies inherent in our day-to day streamlined processes, our ability to customize solutions for you, and a customer-service model that reflects a response standard unmatched by any payroll processing company. Our one-call resolution standard alone has driven numerous customers to our door.