General Ledger

Ensuring your general ledger is accurate and up to date is critical in today’s business environment.  We understand that and focus specifically on creating the right structure that will allow the information we process to translate to your accounting system.  Whether you are in need of a report to make your payroll entry, an electronic entry to import into your GL or a full integration with Quickbooks, we have the technology and expertise to help.

1)  Can you integrate with the desktop version of Quickbooks?  It depends on how you define integrate.  Quickbooks allows a user to import an .IIF file for both the journal entry and check register, so we can create an electronic file that can be imported into any of the desktop versions of Quickbooks.

2) Can you integrate with the online version of Quickbooks?  Yes, we have a software program that creates an EDI (electronic data interchange) feed to update your general ledger accounts.  In fact, there are multiple software programs that allow for this type of integration, so we are happy to work with you to determine the best fit for your company.

3) We have an industry-specific accounting software and wondering if you can create an electronic file we can use to import?   Most accounting programs allow users to import a file based on a specific template and format.  We can customize an electronic journal entry for you to import if your system allows for that functionality.