Paperless Processing Options

We started out in this industry as leaders in paperless payroll processing and continue operations with over 90% of our clients using our paperless processing and delivery options. Operating as a predominately paperless service bureau, gave us stand-out status. Over the last year, we were all forced to consider new ways of doing business in a touchless environment. While we were all similarly affected, we are fortunate to be able to offer our customers a touchless, paperless experience that had already been established as our standard.

We also offer a library of standard reports but take pride in our ability to work with you to design meaningful reports to analyze employee information and steer business decisions.

Consider the benefits to you when you choose paperless processing: employee self-service, no lost checks, vouchers or reports, easy electronic access to employee information, no physical storage requirements, time saved traveling to pick up physical checks, etc.

There are benefits to you when choosing paper, as well. Click here for traditional paper processing.