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Automated Time Tracking

Managing your workforce can be a time consuming task for your staff and can cost an organization hundreds or even thousands of dollars if it lacking in efficiency. Our online timekeeping software platform can be designed and customized to meet the needs of any business. From punching in to a biometric time clock to clocking in from your mobile device, let Red River help you determine the best way to streamline your workforce management needs.

Fully Integrated System

With our single sign-on technology, you have the ability to enter employee and company information one time allowing a higher degree of efficiency and reporting flexibility.

Digital Clocks

Whether clocking in from your laptop or your mobile device, our software is cloud-based and allows maximum flexibility regarding your method of data entry. Additionally, you can incorporate a higher level of accountability with geo-fencing or IP restriction.

Physical Clocks

Depending on your organization’s needs, we can also set up biometric hardware, swipe card or proximity clock options.