We exist to provide you the flexibility and freedom to focus on growing your business.

We are uniquely qualified to guide you through a relatively effortless setup or conversion experience.

Startup Solutions

1-9 Employees

Whether you are just opening your business or on the verge of hiring your first employees, we have a process uniquely designed for you! Let’s face it, knowing all of the federal and state tax laws and which accounts to set up before you hire employees versus after you have paid your first wages can be a little intimidating. That’s where we can help.

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Small Business Solutions

10-49 Employees

We say it all the time at Red River, but payroll is truly personal for a small business. Not only do you lack the time to keep up with current payroll tax compliance, but the legislation governing payroll law is constantly changing. If perfection is the expectation, outsourcing that task to an expert is an intelligent decision. Let us customize a solution for you!

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Midsize Business Solutions

+50 Employees

While our core services are processing payroll and handling multi-state taxes, we also understand how many other parts of your business are connected to payroll data. During implementation, we will take the time to understand how the rest of your administrative tasks plug into payroll at different levels.

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We promise to continue to focus on building relationships that will benefit our clients in adding valuable services as they mature from small businesses to long-term successes.

Remaining on the precipice of industry trends and adapting to legislative changes is our commitment to serving you. Our passion is your payroll.

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