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5 End-of-Year Payroll Tax Tips for Employers

In addition to tax planning, December is the time to complete year-end payroll tasks and prepare for the new payroll year. With the amount of work it takes to calculate compensation and deductions, year-end payroll can become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to simplify the process. Here... read more →
Nov 13

Create a Loyal Workforce with These 3 Tips

As a leader in your company, you want to create a solid team. Having a devoted group of employees leads to increased engagement, greater productivity and reaching company goals. Since you want to retain team members for as long as possible, it’s important you continually invest in employee development to... read more →
Nov 06
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Oct 16

Top Technologies to Impact Timekeeping in 2019

Technology is impacting every industry. Timekeeping and payroll are no exceptions. Evolving technology makes timekeeping for payroll easier than ever. Pay close attention to these top technologies impacting timekeeping in 2019. Timecard Apps Apps are a convenient tool for employees that must clock in outside of the office. For example,... read more →
Oct 09
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