Have You Met Your Year-End Goals? Let’s Evaluate.

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Before closing out 2019 and making big plans for 2020, you need to take a look at how your company did this year in meeting the goals you established. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Why or why not? What could you have done differently to attain better results? As 2019 closes, evaluate your business goals and create them for 2020.

Plan the Year-End Meeting

Schedule your year-end meeting in an off-site meeting room at a local location. Make the meeting an all-day event with regular breaks. Ensure all key employees are present and have time to participate in the agenda. Your purpose is to have an end-of-year review and set goals for next year. Your focus is to learn from the current year, reflect on what was done right and what could’ve been done better, and define business goals for the next 12 months.   

Set the Agenda

Set the agenda for your year-end meeting. Begin by discussing the lessons you learned during the current year and any open or unresolved issues. Define what your employees accomplished and your top-line goals for the next year. Project your economic forecast and the direction you want to move in. Include desired changes to structure, roles, responsibilities, management and employee growth.

Prepare for the Meeting

Meet with the CEO and business leaders to define clear goals for the coming year. Ensure the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. Prepare facts and figures for department heads and others attending the meeting. Distribute a memo with the agenda showing the objectives a month before the meeting. Provide weekly reminders leading up to the event. 

Follow Up After the Meeting

Hold the CEO and president accountable for the goals that result from the year-end meeting. Revisit the goals with all department heads on a weekly or monthly basis. Develop accountability checkpoints and engage in frequent dialog about meeting the goals. Include flexibility in reaching the goals so you can implement opportunities to add value or generate revenue as they arise.

Get Help Meeting Year-End Goals

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