Top Technologies to Impact Timekeeping in 2019

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Technology is impacting every industry. Timekeeping and payroll are no exceptions. Evolving technology makes timekeeping for payroll easier than ever. Pay close attention to these top technologies impacting timekeeping in 2019.

Timecard Apps

Apps are a convenient tool for employees that must clock in outside of the office. For example, technicians that visit client facilities. Your timecard app needs to sync across multiple devices, create project backups and restore project data. It also must work well on its own while integrating with time-saving tools like payment processing or project management software.

Time Clocks

Because a time clock precisely records start and end times, it streamlines the payroll process and eliminates human error. Various sign-in methods are available, such as proximity cards and biometric scanners. For instance, you may choose old-school punching in with the convenience of cloud technology. You enter the timecard data online into the cloud-based software that includes time-tracking features, pay reports, overtime tracking and export options to a payroll system. Or, you could opt for a key code time clock. More secure than a card-based system, these time clocks typically use PINs but also take cards or Web punch entries. You can edit, monitor and calculate work hours to create reports for payroll.  

Time and Attendance Systems

Along with employees clocking in and out, digital time and attendance systems generate and assign schedules, manage PTO and track how long employees work on specific tasks. If you own a small business with a mobile workforce, you may want to use an online time and attendance system. Employees can clock in and out through a mobile app or computer. You can monitor staff to ensure they’re working where they should be. You also can generate employee schedules, manage time off and receive alerts when workers are nearing overtime. If you have a larger business, you might opt for purchasing a time keeping system that fits your needs. You can host your system on-premises or in the cloud, track when employees come and go and manage PTO and scheduling.     

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